Less than 2 Weeks till I join the ride

The regular daily work has slowed down giving me more time to train for the http://www.seatosea.org cycling event. I continue to log 15 km most days of the week. In addition to training on two wheels I make sure I get enough training time on 1 wheel.

I recently purchased a 36″ unicycle after being advised by an experience unicyclist that my 20″ unicycle was wholly inadequate (not that I ever was planning to ride any distance on that). I was advise that my 26″ unicycle would be a lot of hard work. I could manage about 13 km/hr on the 26″. Now with the 36″, without having done more than 3 days of training I’m already averaging 15 km/hr.

I had a fellow church member ask me a month ago what it would take to convince me to ride 50 km in one day. That is a good 35 km more than I was planning to do. I think I’m getting closer to attempting to do that. I have about two weeks to build up my endurance.

I plan to head to Grand Rapids Michigan on Aug 2 so I can join in the orientation on August 3 at Calvin College. There will be a large celebration on the campus on August 4th. On Monday, August 5 we will be hitting the road.

I will try to find a way to post updates on this page as often as I can.