Some amazing and generous help

After yesterday’s disappointment of having my 36″ unicycle break down it didn’t look like thing would get back on track very soon. A spoke for a 36″ wheel is not a standard bike shop item.

Last night one of our fellow riders made a call to The Bicycle Shop in Sarnia where she used to work.

When I came in the bike shop today Scott the owner told me he had made a half dozen phone calls to find the part. He even tried to contact a unicyclist in Sarnia who rides a 36″ so he could steal it off him as he put it. Alas that did not work as the fellow was out of town. It was one of his workers who suggested making one spoke out of two. On the second try he had it done. After all that effort and time he told me there was no charge. What a generous gesture from Scott McPherson, owner of The Bicycle Shop in Sarnia. The shop name might lack creativity but the people in that shop are capable, generous and creatve and resourceful.

We left Imlay City this morning with a major thunderstorm overtaking us within 15 minutes of hitting the road. We took shelter briefly and were still able to make the 12:00 ferry in Sombra.

It was thrilling to be welcomed in Sombra by well wishers from the Sarnia community and many other communities. After another 30 km ride we were welcomed to a banquet at the Sarnia Christian School.

Due to the severe weather warnings most cyclists are sleeping in the school. Many others were billeted. The generousity has been overwhelming.

Tomorrow we are on to London Ont.


Author: Jasper Hoogendam

After 36 years as an educator my career ended due to a TBI. Renewable energy as part of 'walking lightly on this earth' has been and continues to be my interest since my teen years. Since early 2015 I have been learning to live with ABI (Acquire Brain Injury). I don't want to let my ABI limit the goals I set for myself. I'm living with a different brain, not a lesser brain. In sharing my day to day successes and struggles, I am better able to understand how my life had changed and begin to accept the change. In sharing my experiences I'm hearing from caregivers and fellow ABI's. I'm encouraged when my experiences are helping others understand some of the complexity of living with ABI.

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