A City of Contrasts

Today we rode through the most congested part of Canada – Toronto. This is the first time I have ever ridden across Toronto and viewed it from the seat of a bicycle *not a uni cycle today till I arrived in Ajax)

The slower speed when approaching the city along the waterfront gives one a winderful perspective of Toronto.

We approached Toronto following the Lakeshore Road. As we rode through Burlington, and Port Credit we Experienced the quiet neighbourhoods with many affluent houses. Thise living there have a quick commute into Toronto while having a splendid view of one of the Great Lakes.

As we travelled into Oakville and Mississauga we passed through a noisy industrial area. Shortly after that we experience rows of small shops with the occasional streetcar rumbling by. We were soon greeted by the first glimpse of the downtown as we turned onto the Water Front Trail. Here we passed several more marinas, suggesting a great way to enjoy the expanse of water.

In short order we were right along the Queens Quay (key). Had to teach the American riders the proper pronunciation. This area was a buzz with both tourists and locals. A great place to enjoy sun and a view of the lake with concession stands galore. Right along side of this we meandered our way through the street construction as the city is busily trying to upgrade the infrastructure to service the many condo towers that have and are still being built here.

Once we escaped the construction area we found ourselves in the industrial area along the Gardiner as we approached the Leslie St. Spit area. Just as suddenly we were in the Beach area (Remember it is no longer called the ‘Beaches’.) It a long stretch of beach in abundant use even on a partially cloudy Monday afternoon.

After a short ride we crossed the Rouge Valley (Soon to be Canada’s first urban national park.) After riding through another residential area, we soon found our selves along Bayly Ave with its commercial and light industry type of traffic and activities.

It was great to receive a warm welcome from the Cross Roads CRC Church as we arrived at the Ajax Community Centre. Here is a church that is engaged in effective ministry among many people who are living in poverty and are finding hope with this church. What a blessing.


Author: Jasper Hoogendam

After 36 years as an educator my career ended due to a TBI. Renewable energy as part of 'walking lightly on this earth' has been and continues to be my interest since my teen years. Since early 2015 I have been learning to live with ABI (Acquire Brain Injury). I don't want to let my ABI limit the goals I set for myself. I'm living with a different brain, not a lesser brain. In sharing my day to day successes and struggles, I am better able to understand how my life had changed and begin to accept the change. In sharing my experiences I'm hearing from caregivers and fellow ABI's. I'm encouraged when my experiences are helping others understand some of the complexity of living with ABI.

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