Toddler Dialect

I can do it myself

Saw a deer on the way home.

Do you know what else?

A fawn was right behind her.

While imagining the scene, “I knew that.”


Here, let me help you.

Oh, you don’t want my help?

I see it’s not coming together very…

Confident response, “I can do it myself”


Time to come to the table.

How about you finish the game later?

You must be hungry by now…

Emphatic response, “But I never get hungry!”


You’ve had a busy day.

How about we finish the story tomorrow?

Let’s get you to bed early so…

A firm response, “I never get tired!”


Compiling new idioms.

How about we enter that one?

No explanation needed.

Every toddler knows, “I’m  with you.”


Author: Jasper Hoogendam

After 36 years as an educator my career ended due to a TBI. Renewable energy as part of 'walking lightly on this earth' has been and continues to be my interest since my teen years. Since early 2015 I have been learning to live with ABI (Acquire Brain Injury). I don't want to let my ABI limit the goals I set for myself. I'm living with a different brain, not a lesser brain. In sharing my day to day successes and struggles, I am better able to understand how my life had changed and begin to accept the change. In sharing my experiences I'm hearing from caregivers and fellow ABI's. I'm encouraged when my experiences are helping others understand some of the complexity of living with ABI.

6 thoughts on “Toddler Dialect”

    1. I understand things about my grandson that I totally missed in my own children. Having time to reflect on what i observe does open up new insights. What seems contradictory on first blush has it’s own consistency within a toddler’s realm.
      When my grandson read it his comment was, “Actually, I’m a grand-toddler.” Love the 4 year old’s take on life.

      Liked by 1 person

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