Tipping My Cap

Peter’s Woods Provincial Nature Reserve – Centreton, Ontario

My cap completes my attire

The crowning touch to

Carefully placed variegated coverings

Right down to my nether regions


Don’t fling your cap over the windmill

Thinking to measure your recklessness

There’s no caps lock for me

As cap and trade legitimizes the squandering of your birthright


Cap in hand you stand before the creator

Ego bruising, more momentous than the dunce cap

Time to remove the lens cap

To refocus your sights


The loss of my glorious ice cap

Signals a much greater demise

In my nether regions and beyond

Loss of flora and fauna

Leaving you exposed


Protection gone

Scorched by the sun

Battered by wind

Inundated by water

Water where we don’t want it

Water when we don’t want it


Preserve my ice cap

Use resources sparingly

Practice stewardship

Share the abundance


Your Tim’s Ice Cap

An unsustainable habit

Drowning you in cast-offs

Convenience exacts its due

Efficiency robs us of satisfaction


Let labours of love bring fulfillment


Author: Jasper Hoogendam

After 36 years as an educator my career ended due to a TBI. Renewable energy as part of 'walking lightly on this earth' has been and continues to be my interest since my teen years. Since early 2015 I have been learning to live with ABI (Acquire Brain Injury). I don't want to let my ABI limit the goals I set for myself. I'm living with a different brain, not a lesser brain. In sharing my day to day successes and struggles, I am better able to understand how my life had changed and begin to accept the change. In sharing my experiences I'm hearing from caregivers and fellow ABI's. I'm encouraged when my experiences are helping others understand some of the complexity of living with ABI.

4 thoughts on “Tipping My Cap”

    1. I hope it came through that I was alluding to the polar ice cap that is receding at an alarming rate. Even if human activity is only a small factor, being responsible with our natural resources is good sense anyway.
      The other ice cap is the Tim Hortons (a Canadian coffee shop chain).


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