In 2013 I participated in a two week fundraising event which had me cycling from Lake Michigan to Montreal, a total of 1400km. The focus of the fundraising was to raise money and awareness for people who live in poverty. I chose to raise awareness of people who experience poverty because they are dealing with hidden handicaps. To highlight this I travelled 250 km of the trip on a 36″ unicycle. ie. A one wheeled handicap. The rest of the trip was on a Trek touring bike.

In 2015 I experienced an acquired brain injury (ABI). I was eventually diagnosed with a minor Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI). Little did I realize in 2013 that I would be sharing the challenges of a hidden disablity from personal experience.

It is my hope that in sharing my experience others will gain a better understanding of what challenges a person with an ABI faces. Often, caregivers of those with an ABI have a hard time understanding the challenges.

It took me a year to acknowledge the mTBI diagnosis and how that has changed me. It took me a year to understand enough to start putting into words what was happening to me. I still find it difficult to process questions that people have about mTBI. That’s why I choose to share experiences that give a glimpse of life with ABI.

Feel free to share my posts. Comments of any kind are an encouragement.

You can reach me by email: jasperh@eagle.ca

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