Pen, Pencil or Marker

Chose a writing tool

Pen, Pencil or Marker

Beware the pen,

the rigid tyrant

seizing your thoughts

as they stumble forth

held captive for all time.


Embrace the pencil,

carefree, playful, changing.

Beckoning to try again,

encouraging, renewed growth.

Free to evolve, to blossom.


Behold the felt tip marker,

flowing forth boldly,

a confidence of colour

playful exuberance

brightening the way.


Choose how you will share this new year?

Decide how to record the poetry of each day?


Beware the turmoil that threatens.

Don’t be captured, don’t be cornered.

Take the long view, eyes on the goal.


Embrace the opportunities that avail.

To plant new ideas, to feed, to blossom.


Behold the colours of each new day.

Share it boldly, brighten your path.